Thursday, February 10, 2005

Starting out...

I've started yesterday to follow (as closely as my real life, which includes wife, kids a daytime job and the like, allows me) MDLM's plan (which I've learnt about on a forum, after which I went to read the publications). I already have some tactic exercises (with which I've been playing for a while). With respect to doing drills, I'm relying on using GNU-Chess, though I think is not the ideal tool for that. If I learn about something better, I would of course write about it here.

When studying the tactical exercises, I'm trying also to understand the abstract pattern which allows to use this or that tactic. I'm not really sure someone else would understand what I call "abstract pattern" nor if the approach would prove useful, but be sure I'll let you all of you know here (supposing there's something reading this, that is)..


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